Our team of dedicated professionals will be happy to assist you with any of your aviation insurance needs.

We have great experience in providing insurance services for various companies of aviation industry, including the following:

  • scheduled and charters carries;
  • domestic and international carriers;
  • start-up airlines;
  • helicopter operators;
  • business aviation companies;
  • airport operators;
  • aviation manufacturers.

We specialize in the following lines of Insurance:

  • Hull All Risks
  • Aviation Third Party and Passenger Legal Liability
  • Aviation Cargo and Mail Legal Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Loss of license
  • Airport Owners & Operators Liability / Hangarkeepers Liability / Products Liability
  • Aviation Manufacturers Hull & Liability
  • War risks

We are very good at providing simple and effective solutions to complicated tasks, for example:

  • Insurance coverage in conflicted countries and unstable regions including mostly all hotspots areas in Middle East and Africa;
  • Complete and thorough administration of aircraft leasing and finance deals (including communication with Lessors, Financiers and other parties involved).


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