Corporate Insurance

Runov Andrey

Andrey Runov

Managing Director, Deputy General Manager

Rogozhnikova Nadezhda

Nadezhda Rogozhnikova

Liability & Non-Industrial Insurance

Erzunov Sergey

Sergey Erzunov

International Programs & Transit insurance

Mineev Vladimir

Vladimir Mineev

Property & Engineering

Umnyagin Daniil

Daniil Umnyagin

International Programs

Rogozhina Aleksandra

Aleksandra Rogozhina

International Programs

Insurance lines:

  • property insurance;
  • construction and erection all risks insurance;
  • liability insurance (general liability insurance (product liability and etc.);
  • professional liability insurance (appraisers liability and etc.);
  • owners of hazardous facilities liability insurance;
  • directors and officers liability insurance (D&O));
  • motor insurance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • agricultural risks insurance;
  • financial risks insurance. 

Our services:

  • creating most effective insurance and reinsurance solutions for clients’ enterprises and projects “from scratch”;
  • organization of complex integrated insurance and reinsurance programs with unique terms and conditions for all assets belonging to the same company/holding;
  • advanced optimization of existing insurance programs and solutions;
  • organizing and conducting insurance and reinsurance tenders, selecting and fine-tuning of optimal proposals;
  • detailed analysis and tailoring of insurance and reinsurance contract wordings to meet all the requirements and the peculiarities of the client’s business;
  • day to day servicing of insurance and reinsurance contracts during the insurance period, including assistance in claims mitigation;
  • risk-engineering (survey) services;
  • design and implementation of complex risk management systems.


  • Almaty

    SP-Malakut Insurance Brokers

  • Kiev

    SB Malakut Insurance Brokers

  • Dubai

    Malakut Insurance Brokers (UAE)

  • Kuala Lumpur

    Malakut Insurance Brokers (Asia) Ltd.

  • Hanoi

    Malakut Insurance Brokers (Representative Office)

  • Moscow

    Malakut Insurance Brokers

  • Zurich

    Malakut Insurance Brokers AG


General manager


Corporate Relations Managing Director


International Business Executive Director


Managing partner

ZaidAl Mulki

Associate Director


Placing Broker


Managing Director

Vu TrongQuan

Chief Representative


Managing Director, Deputy General Manager


Liability & Non-Industrial Insurance


International Programs & Transit insurance


Property & Engineering


International Programs


International Programs


Managing Director

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