Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance protects you against the direct financial loss resulting from the insolvency or non-payment of your buyer due to commercial and political risks, for export and domestic trade, for short-term and medium-term trade transactions.

Trade Credit Insurance policy covers the following events (main mentioned):

  • Insolvency of a buyer; 
  • Protracted default by a buyer - the non-payment of an account after a specified period of time; 
  • Debt collection expenses in some cases;
  • Political risks - for export trade.

 Trade Credit insurance policy and related services give the following main advantages:

  • Mitigate your credit risk;
  • Protect your balance sheet, decrease your bad debt provisions and ensure profitability; 
  • Increase your market share, as you are able to offer open credit terms to your buyers in bigger volumes and to a wider range of your buyers;
  • Increase your access to financing by increasing the value of your accounts receivable, which become secured;
  • Compliment to your credit management procedures.

Our expertise is for you - to make sure that you have the right policy structure, the right cost and the insurer to suit your particular requirements:

  • We work for you, not the insurance company, negotiating and investigating all possible options and insurers;
  • We have experience of organizing local and international credit insurance programmes in different business sectors in Russia and in other countries;
  • We care and build effective communication with credit insurer, for all the parties involved;
  • For our customers we work for obtaining best credit limits from a credit insurer;
  • We have broad experience in participation in claims handling process, we provide debt collection advice and follow all insurance claims until its satisfactory conclusion; 
  • If you are already credit insured, we provide free audit of your existing insurance programme and organize its improvement. 

As Malakut Trade Credit, We are the first in Russia specialized credit insurance broker with a worldwide reach, offering services in Russia, the CIS and 38 countries all over the world within International Credit Brokers Alliance.




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